Designing SFU Mobile

SFU Surrey Semester in Innovation

Imagine a class where students envision a future for their university and then design it — where design, technology and entrepreneurship intertwine, creating a new more engaged educational experience — from virtual classrooms to remote participation in fieldwork, online collaboration to unique interactions with members of community, industry and academia.

This is the vision for Designing SFU Mobile, an interdisciplinary semester-long program open to upper year students with a passion for experiential learning and an interest in the innovative application of mobile technology. With input from leading technology experts, and faculty in the fields of Business Entrepreneurship, Software Systems and Interactive Arts and Technology, this integrated capstone experience will involve students in the design and development of a unique mobile presence for SFU.


Designing SFU Mobile is a full time (15 credit) cohort program to be offered during the Summer 2012 semester as part of the SFU Surrey Semester in Innovation series. Students will take 3 units of special topics work in each of BUS, CMPT and IAT, plus 6 credits of capstone project work in their home department.

Designing SFU Mobile Courses:

All students will register for the following 3 courses:

  • BUS 394 (3) - Selected Topics in Business Administration
  • CMPT 318 (3) - Special Topics in Computing Science
  • IAT 381 (3) - Special Topics in Interactive Arts and Technology (Science)

+ one of the following courses or course combinations from their home department

  • BUS 443 (3) New Product Development and Design plus BUS 477 (4) New Venture Planning
  • CMPT 498 (6) - Honors Research Project
  • IAT 403 (3) plus IAT 405 (3) - Interdisciplinary Design Studio I and II (updated; was IAT 491-6)

Information Session:

Thursday, February 9 @ 7:00pm in Galleria 3280, Surrey Campus

Application Procedure:

Admission to the program is based upon the following documents and an interview with the instructors.

  1. Application Form (download pdf)
  2. SFU Advising Transcript
  3. Resumé
  4. A one page statement of personal goals and reasons for interest in the Semester in Innovation

Application Deadline:

February 20th, 2012, 4:30 p.m. Interviews will be held between Feb 20 - Mar 1st, 2012. Applications can be emailed to

Design - Technology - Entrepreneurship

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